Test Results and Technical Data Sheets

Floral, Fruit & Vegetable Tests With and Without our Sachets.

These tests were performed by engineers at  SAN-AI Corporation, in Tokyo-Japan using ETHYLENE CONTROL SACHETS at room temperature to speed up the tests.

SAN-AI had very good results but ETHYLENE CONTROL INC.  recommends that your tests be done at the recommended storage temperature for your Produce & Floral.

Tests should be done in a room where product is normally held. Test with 4 or 5 boxes with our SACHETS and 4 or 5 boxes without SACHETS. Produce & Floral should be from the same lot or like product. The time for these tests will vary depending on what you are testing. Do not use SACHETS in boxes that contain water as they repel moisture but can bleed and stain your product if they become wet.