Temp-Tock Digital Data Logger

  • Temperature measurement and recording.
  • CR2032 Button Battery: 2-year shelf life.
  • High precision +/- 1 F. High Sensitivity.
  • Universal USB 2.0 communicating interface.
  • Temperature out of range reporting marked in red.
  • LED Light: Flashes approximately every 10 seconds.
  • Green when in range. Red when out of range.
  • PDF report generated.

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Temp-Tock ‘T/H’

  • Logging Temperature and Humidity.
  • CR2032 Button Battery: 2-year shelf life.
  • High precision +/- 1 F. High Sensitivity.
  • Universal USB 2.0 communicating interface.
  • Quick View Button “Start – View – Mark”
  • PDF report: Temperature out of range reporting marked in red.

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Quality Blue Digital

All data available on the LCD at arrival

Uses a standard 9 pin serial cable USB connection capable.

USB Compatible

  • Accurate
  • Compact size
  • EZ E-mail or fax
  • Low Cost
  • Models: 10 Day, 20 Day, 40 Day and 80 Day
  • Packed 20 per case

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Quality USB

In-transit, single use, general purpose, optimized for export shipments

Quality USB temperature recorders are designed to provide reliable temperature monitoring for domestic and overseas shipments. The micro USB 2.0 interface is supported globally. 

Quality USB’s small size makes it ideal for placement inside shipping cartons.

Quality USB is ideal for use in the transportation of products for the perishable foods, floral, chemical, and pharmaceutical industries.


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In-Transit, Single-Use, domestic, export, smart device enabled

Lightning NFC smartphone/tablet enabled temperature data loggers have been designed to simplify in-transit temperature monitoring, chart viewing, product quality documentation, and data archiving.

With a simple, free App download, your NFC enabled smart device can wirelessly download and display in-transit temperature data.  All temperature data is automatically send to “The Cloud”.


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Lightning NFC Temperature Loggers

Lightning REAL TIME
Temperature Loggers

Real Time Temperature Monitoring

  • Lightning Real Time monitors and archives all temperature and location data while your perishable shipment is in transit, providing complete documentation in accordance with all FSMA and HACCP requirements for human and animal food products. Easy regulatory compliance.
  • Start Logger and Begin your experience to online access of current temperature and location data while perishable shipments are in-transit.
  • This “start, go and relax” level of automation provides all the documentation required for compliance with the FSMA Final Rule for Sanitary Transportation of human and animal food products.

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Emerson GO Wireless
A Copeland Company

  • Transmit time and temperature data wirelessly to the AutoSense Reader as part of the AutoSense Inbound solution.
  • Flat, small label
  • Digitally records time and temperature data
  • Transmits data wirelessly
  • Temperature history provided before a product is unloaded
  • Record data for up to 30 days
  • Saves time on the receiving dock

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FlashLink Prime Universal Data Logger

The FlashLink Prime Universal Data Logger is accepted by most receivers and can be used to monitor temperature on all shipments of fresh produce. Free post trip calibration reports are available to help settle claims or disputes when produce is exposed to adverse temperature conditions during transit.

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