Lightning NFC single-use 10-Day temperature recorderslightning

In-Transit, Single-Use, domestic, export, smart device enabled

Lightning NFC smartphone/tablet enabled temperature data loggers have been designed to simplify in-transit temperature monitoring, chart viewing, product quality documentation, and data archiving.

With a simple, free App download, your NFC enabled smart device can wirelessly download and display in-transit temperature data.  All temperature data is automatically send to “The Cloud”.


Works with all NFC enabled ANDROID smartphones and tablets. Ideal for export and domestic shipments.

Temperature Data can be viewed worldwide immediately upon arrival at

Lightning NFC App is a free download from GOOGLE Play.


Lightning NFC (Near Field Communications wireless technology) brings Smart Phone sophistication and low-cost regulatory compliance to temperature monitoring.  Remarkably simple and easy to use, Lightning NFC instruments accurately capture in-transit time and temperature data for all perishable shipments.

Two Use Options Available For The Lightning Product:


  • Use free Standard Lightning NFC App to display full temperature chart and details, select range, add purchase order number, make notations about quality and condition, and add product photographs to the temperature record.  Temperature data, supporting notations and photographs available for free online review using UpLink feature. Contact our offices for detailed Lightning NFC App instructions.


  • Enhanced Lightning QA App, available on an enrollment basis. Enhanced Lightning QA App is a comprehensive temperature monitoring and quality documentation program.  Lightning QA App is installed on custom provided tablet computers. The QA App adds support for multiple purchase orders/items per shipment, commodity specific quality documentation screens with database driven drop down menus, and features to capture accept/reject decisions and comments. Full password-protected access to secure website ensure your critical QA data is safe, while customized reporting with photos is easily available for audit. A video overview of the Lightning QA App is available.


  • Data for both applications can be entered using smart device keypad or voice entry.  Temperature reports with comments and photos can be emailed directly from the smart device to expedite time-critical decision making.

If a NFC-enabled Android smart device is not available, Lightning NFC can be downloaded into a computer (must install free KoldLink software) using a micro-USB cable available locally or from Stefanelli Enterprises.

• NFC Transmission Range: Approx. 1 in.
• Factory Calibrated, N.I.S.T. traceable.
• On-Board LCD displays time and temperature data.
(Fahrenheit or Celsius)
• Monitors temperatures from -20⁰F to 120⁰F
• Range selections made within Lightning App.
• Audible locating beeper (FREE option)
• Monitors up to 80 days.
• Single-use instrument.
• Size: 3 in. x 1.75” x .4 in.
• Weight: 3 oz.
• Manufactured in Certified IS09002 ɶ Facilities

All product features, specifications and appearances may vary due to technical advances.