Single-Use 10-Day, 20-Day or 40-day data loggers.

Real Time Temperature Monitoring


  • Lightning Real Time monitors and archives all temperature and location data while your perishable shipment is in transit, providing complete documentation in accordance with all FSMA and HACCP requirements for human and animal food products. Easy regulatory compliance.


  • Start Logger and Begin your experience to online access of current temperature and location data while perishable shipments are in-transit.


  • This “start, go and relax” level of automation provides all the documentation required for compliance with the FSMA Final Rule for Sanitary Transportation of human and animal food products.


  • Unlike Competing Systems, Lightning Real Time is also designed to provide the Inspector/Receiver with a complete temperature chart at the trailer door. Lightning Real Time temperature charts can be viewed immediately upon arrival.  The Inspector simply holds Lightning Real Time back-to-back with an ordinary Android smartphone or tablet to review the temperature record. Using Lightning App., the Inspector can document arrival quality attributes, add photographs, and even log accept/reject determinations.
  • All temperature, location, arrival quality attribute data, and photographs are immediate archived online for easy access. FSMA “Final Rule” compliance has never been easier!
  • Available in 5, 10 and 20 day run times.

Summary of Features

  • Complete, automated FSMA temperature monitoring compliance in a single instrument
  • Real Time temperature and location data available 24/7
  • On-board light sensor captures door open/close events

Archived data viewable online at